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Snippets is the fast paced anything goes word game! Perfect for a party or family game night, Snippets has been recommended by Mensa Mind Games and has won the 2017 Parents' Choice Gold Award as well as the TillyWig Top Fun award. It has also made it onto Dr. Toy's list of 100 Best Games of 2017 as well as Edo's Game Review's Top 10 Board Games of 2017!

A "snippet" is a short sequence of letters that can be found as a whole within one or more words. For example, the snippet IPP can be found in the words SNIPPETS, QUIPPED, and HIPPIE but not in SHIPSHAPE, PIPE, or HOPPING.

Players have 60 seconds to write down as many words as they can think of that contain each round's snippet. Anything goes! Dictionary words, people names, place names, brand names, fictional things, technical terms, slang, acronyms, abbreviations, contractions, hyphenations, non-english words, the snippet itself, and even plurals and alternate verb tenses are all allowed!

When time's up, players compare answers, earning points for unique words and fun bonuses. The player with the most points wins the round and the first to 3 rounds wins the game!

With its unique "anything goes" rule, Snippets isn't like most word games, requiring more of a creative mind than a large vocabulary. And with only 60 seconds to think, everyone’s answers will be equally hilarious.

For 2-8 players, ages 10+, and takes about 45 minutes.