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Mayor of Evercent Springs

Mayor of Evercent Springs
Family Choice Award winner 2018! Mom's Choice Gold Award winner 2018!
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After the people in Five Town County revolted against the Council, one Candidate from each of the four towns are, along with their Companions, competing to reach the door to the closed town of Evercent Springs.

It will be a tortuous road, and to stay in the competition, you need to keep your silver key safe. You will not only meet opponents, but also corruption, Pubs, traps and a Council doing what they can to put obstacles in the contestants’ paths.


1 Game board
4 Candidates
28 Companions
4 Council's Lists
1 Price list
50 Golden coins
16 Hole tiles
4 Have tiles
28 Key cards
12 Council's cards
3 Golden Council's cards
20 Pub cards
Instruction folder



Players: 4
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 30-90 min
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