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Free Me The Game

Free Me The Game
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An outrageous and daring card game that pokes fun at social media behavior. Lose your friends. Lose your followers. WIN the game.

Be the first to collect all of the Social Media Blunder Cards and drive away your friends and followers. Along the way you will encounter Social Media Disasters (SMD's) like the Mom, EX, and Stalker cards that can dramatically change your card count at anytime.

Also, lurking in the deck are the slap-able Slap Chat cards that get you Free even faster. In addition, you can challenge opponents to Blah Blah Blog and Hashtag battles where it's your chance to ad lib your own snarky comments, hashtags and blogs. This is where the rich scenarios give you a chance to add the punch line!

Finally, the loser, or player who loses all their cards, must flip over and carry out their Black Card Challenge over their actual social media profiles.

3-5 Players; 15 Mins Avg. Game time; 90+ Cards; Travels anywhere; Original illustrations

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