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About Us

PURVISGAMES.COM is where you can find great, independent games and products that are intent on bringing your family and friends together.

I started PURVISGAMES.COM as a way to expand upon the help and support I wished I had when I first started making games years ago, and to help other independent game designers get their names and products into your hands. In 2004, I had an idea for a card game based on a movie trivia game I had been playing with my friends for as long as I can remember. Creating this game took years to accomplish, and in 2015, after many expensive lessons learned, and with the finished product in hand, I was left not knowing what to do next. The years following, my wife, Corrie, and I traveled around the US to conventions teaching people how to play the game, and trying to talk retailers into buying our amazing game and we noticed other game makers doing the same thing. As we continued to run into them at convention after convention, we became friends with them and talked about the ups and downs of self publishing/marketing/sales, we began to see that BIG GAME didn't seem to even notice us, or they would just shelf our game if they did notice us, just to produce something of their own, leaving us out of the deal. The many times I heard this from other designers, and the times I have had it happen myself, led me to believe that there should be an alternative, which is why I started Purvis Games.

All of the items we have on our site come from designers who we have met and befriended at the many conventions we had gone to, and who have suffered the many pitfalls of independent game design and self publishing. These friends believe as we do, that games have a way of bringing people together, inspire fun, and make people fall back in love with socializing. Our goal at Purvis Games is to get people to disconnect and reconnect; Get off the phones and tablets and sit down with actual live people for a night they'll talk about for days, months, or even years!

By shopping at PURVISGAMES.COM you are helping support what I love to do--help other people. If you are buying games anyway, by shopping here we both win--you get great prices on quality products, excellent shipping, and customer service from our wonderful team, and the profit from sales aid in supporting my abilities to help other people make their dreams a reality. I sincerely appreciate everyone's business and will do everything I can to ensure you have a pleasant experience from shopping through delivery.

Justin Purvis
Chairman of the Boardgame